Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home From Minnesota

This past weekend we flew to St. Paul, MN for my niece's wedding. The ceremony was held at St. Paul's United Church of Christ. I presided, my husband did the photography and my daughter was the flower girl. Everything went beautifully and the service was very nice. I got a little choked up, talking about the love of God.

It is funny that in this day and age, I still get funny looks from people because I am a female pastor. I wonder if people think that a woman loves God less than a man or is incapable of feeling called to do God's work. I'm not sure. It is puzzling at times. But the reason I got choked up speaking of God's love is because I believe in God's love...I feel it in my heart that God's love is greater than all things. If I didn't believe it, I guess I wouldn't be doing what I do.

The other thing I believe is that I don't care to go back to Minnesota anytime soon =). It was WAY too cold for my thin blood =). It was such a beautiful feeling to fly into the Seattle area with the sun shining and the temps in the mid 50's...it was like re-entering paradise =)

Journey On...

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