Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still Here

I haven't blogged in a LONG time. I can't even describe what the first three to four months of 2008 have been like. Exhausting...overwhelming...busy....

January and February were filled with trips, weddings, retreats and other events that kept my family going from one thing to another. We kept saying, "If we could just get to March, we'll finally have a weekend." But March came and there was a family crisis with my relatives in Corpus and then, of course, Holy Week and Easter to get ready for. The only problem is that I came down with full blown influenza just before Palm Sunday. So did my daughter. And at the same time, our family dog starting having grand mal seizures. By a miracle of miracles (and with the help of Tamiflu) my husband stayed well through the whole ordeal. I however, being 4 months pregnant, could not take much for the flu.

So...all these weeks later I still have the remnants of a cough, but am finally, finally feeling like life is coming back to me. It has been rough. And through these months I have tried to tune into my spiritual side without much luck. I have been too tired, too sick to notice or, at points, to even care.

The small glimpses of grace came in little moments of thanksgiving--thanks for a roof over my head to keep me dry, thanks for the blankets on my bed to keep me and my daughter warm while we were sick, thanks for a husband who went above and beyond to take care of everyone. My glimpses of God through these times has come in little, seemingly ordinary things for which I am deeply grateful.
I am grateful too for Spring (strange as the weather has been this year). The visual reminders of God's beauty in the earth around us is astounding. My husband John took this picture at the Van Lierop Bulb Farm (which is close to our home).
I hope that whatever road you are meandering down right now, you will also be able to know God's graces in some of the small, ordinary things of daily life. Blessings to you.
Journey on...

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